Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's been a while...

So yes, I haven't written in a while. But things have been a bit crazy. :)

Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings I have 5 extra kids I watch so their mommy and daddy can take a EMT class together.
 AND mostly I have been feeling poorly on account this is number 5 in 5 1/2 years and it's taking it's toll. I'm not the spry young thing I used to be. ;)  But God is good and His timing is perfect. We've trusted Him with our children and I know He will give me strength. Already I am starting to feel better. More energy and less nausea as the days go by. I am quickly approaching the second trimester, one of my favorite parts of pregnancy! Should start showing soon!

Justice is still convinced we are having a girl and I have decided to stop correcting him. (we don't know what we are having, well besides a baby that is) I am praying his faith is increased and Lord willing that is what the Lord blesses us with. Justice says we already have clothes for her cause Karis won't mind the new baby using her's. :)

We have been not so faithful with school mostly because of my pukiness feeling. But it surprises me how much they still learn in the 2 days a week we have gotten in. The good thing is they love to learn. :) I pray my attitude helps them to continue to see school as fun.

This is where we are right now....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Number 5

Justice asked to pray for lunch again so of course I said sure. "dear Jesus, help me to obey and listen to my momma and daddy. Help us to have another baby and that we have a girl, cause we already have boys. and bless our food and Jesus help us to be nice to our brothers...in Jesus name, Amen" He has been praying a very similar prayer for the past month or two now. But that day it made me cry.

I decided to just take a pregnancy test, I knew it wouldn't be positive but I just couldn't not after a prayer like that! So after putting the boys down for their nap I broke down and took it....

I  I

for those of you who have never taken a pregnancy test two lines is positive...
God said yes!

When Justice woke up I asked him what it was he'd been praying so hard for. He said
"Jesus"..Well yes you prayed to Jesus but what did you ask him for? "Ummm...a baby girl."
Well Justice I don't know if we are having a girl but momma does have a baby in her tummy! "REALLY?! How do you know? did you take a picture?" No baby but I did take a test and it told me we are going to have a baby! "really?! I'm so glad momma!" :)

The next thing was to tell James. I wanted to do something different since I had always just been straight out. So instead I wrote Big Brother in May on all the boys bellies. (which is harder than you would think because they are all very ticklish-ed!) And when James got home from work they all lifted their shirt. Well I lifted Eli's and it took him only a second before a BIG smile came across his face. When he looked at me I was showing my tummy which had #5 written on it. Needless to say Daddy was exited.

We decided to tell grandma the same way since we would be seeing her the next day. I was able to get a picture then...

So for all you who are maybe thinking....Do they know what causes that? Don't you already have your hands full? 5, Wow?! How are you going to be able to pay for college?

Our answers......Yes we do and we really enjoy it! ;) Yes my hands are full, full of blessings! and as far as college they will just have to get it the same way everyone else does, earn it! Through good grades and lots of work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August a BIG party month!

Well it's been a while since I last wrote so I thought I should catch up! 
The beginning of August brought Brooklyn and  Eli's birthdays! We went to Doug and Melissa the first weekend to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday and also Natalie's belated birthday since they were in the process of moving during Natalie's. The girls had cute cakes and I think they had a lot of fun! We also were able to meet Joey's girlfriend Hannah. A sweet young lady who has actually been a friend of the family for a while but whom we just recently got back into contact with. She is so creative and made some beautiful pictures to hang on the girl's walls.

We then had Eli's 1st birthday at our house the following Monday. Grandma made the cutest little cupcakes inside mini ice cream cones! I will post pictures as soon as I get my hands on some. We had Eli's favorite, spaghetti for supper and everyone joined us.

Then just this weekend was Joey surprise birthday party at El Chico!  And thanks to Hannah it was a huge success. She thought of it all! Like I said such a creative young lady! He had family and friends from church. James and I really enjoyed seeing some friends from our old church who we hadn't seen it was seems like forever! All in all it's been a big birthday bash this month!

In between Eli's and Joey's birthdays we all loaded up and headed to Sarah's apartment to see Wesley for the weekend! He was able to leave the base so we made a little family reunion out of it. There were a lot of people crammed into a small space. We stayed up late every night playing the XBOX mostly the guys played baseball but we also tried to compete in a dancing game, it was lots of fun and even more laughs.

 The nights were rough because Eli didn't sleep well between a weird place and teething. Poor Sarah had a rough night too because we kicked her out of her bed the first night then the second night we switched rooms and Olivia was kicked out of her bed. So not much sleep for the babies nor their parents.

 Grandma and Papaw stayed at the motel as well as Jessica and Chris. So we had access to an indoor pool which we swam in for a couple hours! The boys had a blast! Justice almost drowned because he kept jumping into his little round floatie but missed it one time....very scary. James was out of the  hot tub and right there with him in less than three seconds it seamed, while Justice was able to keep his head above water. We were really proud of him for that. He had been practicing swimming almost the whole time before all that so that was a blessing! Papaw was also out of the hot tub super fast which I think hurt his body a little especially mixed with all the emotions! I think though this Momma was the most shaken. I hate water to begin with.....just saying.

Sunday we all attended Tim and Sarah's church and enjoyed worship together with Tim as the lead and then listened to a good sermon. The kids got to play in water again only this time it was in the form of a huge home made slip and slide and several other sprinklers. :) After church we all went to lunch together. Then finished packing and got home about supper time.

August has been a blast with all the family and friends we have been surrounded with!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Karis' birthday video

Karis 2nd birthday party

This year we did a Tangled theme! Even though our situation is nothing like the Tangled movie I can compare us to one part. Our daughter was taken away from us at a very young age and we will be reunited again one day!

We didn't go overboard but we did have a Tangled table cloth, pink balloons and pink plates! As well as pink sprinkles on her funfetti cupcakes. We even did the neapolitan ice cream for the pink white and brown!

This year instead of a balloon release we let lanterns fly sticking to the Tangled theme. :) They were much larger than I thought they would be when I ordered them. But still beautiful in flight! We released 5 in all but they required at least 2 adults to handle them. One to light the fuel cell and one to hold it until it filled with hot air. Here are a couple pictures of them.


All the kids loved them and I was just amazed at how beautiful they were! Doug even took video and put it all together with the pictures to make it even more beautiful!

Friday, July 1, 2011


"Do you remember when I was in my Momma's tummy?" Yes I do because Justice was in mine! "My Momma wanted a baby really bad and then she had me!" Your right! 
This is the conversation between me and a 4 year old little man (Isaac) who was staying the night with my son's. As I listened to the excitement in his voice and the saw the obvious knowledge of how much his mommy loves him I couldn't help but feel joy. But it also made me feel so sad, how many children out there are not told how much they are loved and wanted?

We say we know and believe "children are a blessing for the Lord"  but do we show that in our actions? Do we tell them not only with words but in deed?! Or do they constantly hear...
 "My house would be so clean if you weren't here"  When we talk about how much they destroy the house and are huffy about putting it back together? (that one is me!)
  "I should've stopped after ____" when we talk about them being an accident.
 "I would have nice things if you weren't here" "things are more important than you" when we talk about wanting nice things but can't have them because we have kids or so many kids...as if it's the younger ones faults.

 Maybe we aren't actually "saying" these things but this IS what they are hearing! Children are very perceptive to our attitudes. Scripture says children are a blessing not a burden! Yet that is how we perceive them in our society. And it's oozing it's slimy head into our homes! We are all guilty of these some of the time but is it more often than not? Is this our thought process regularly? Lord, I pray it isn't!

The house will be clean eventually. God NEVER makes mistakes, there are no "accidents" but they are  purposely placed in our lives, hand picked by our heavenly father as gifts to us! You already have beautiful treasures they just don't come in the earthly packaged treasure but rather in flesh and blood.

Let's treat them as such!

Coming from a very humbled and broken momma. May the Lord continue His showing me where I need to improve!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day and Fingernails!

   This past weekend was Father's day. And yes I mean the past "weekend" not Sunday because Saturday James went golfing with a couple brothers (a much deserved and over due treat) and Sunday we had lunch with the Anderson Daddys where he played Hand and Foot to his hearts content.
James has been such an unselfish and hard working Husband and Father ever since we have been together. I am so grateful for him!

Sunday while at Victoria's having lunch and chi-chi-ing (talking/visiting) with the ladies I invited Hannah and Lydia over to stay the night. They got permission from their father and so they got to come! That night and the next day were so much fun! We did fingernails and toenails...got all our ideas from a book I bought when I was a much younger girl. Little piggies, snakes, pirates, watermelons, polka dots, flowers and so so much more! I can not wait to have another little girl in our family it was so much fun! We had thought a little too late to get the wii dance otherwise we probably would have been up way past 11! Such sweet and Godly young ladies...I just pray my daughter's are as wonderful as they were.

Looking forward to a day to come!